Data Dashboard

Digital image intuitively shows enterprise's operating status of stores all over the country, releases power of data, facilitates in enterprise's strategic layout, improves working efficiency, and lowers resource consumption and management cost.

Product Attribute

Data Dashboard shows the data like: Enterprise information, store scale, equipment quantity, ranking of recent check results, customer flow, in-store conversion rate. It supports customized data projection and exhibition, hardware display equipment for projection support various display screens, televisions, big screens and others.

Integration Of BI Report And Big Screen

It integrates BI report and big screen functions as a whole, and meets customers' visualization demands in different scenarios.

More Professional Data

Different from ordinary data big screen, it has more professional data logic and higher industry orientation, more suitable for chain business.

Real-Time Synchronous Data Updating

Real-time monitoring of data, store status at a glance.

Perfect Fitting Among Different Terminals

Layout automatically adapts to terminal interface of different screens, different sizes and different resolutions at different terminals.

Visualized Dynamic Component

Professional and cool visualized dynamic components can meet the needs of most display scenarios.

Smart Store System
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